Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sgt. Ippuni

Here's what we know about Ippuni, our little "older" brother. He's a Maltese. He's mean as dog-doody. Mom and Dad lived in Korea and got him when they were there--he was about a year old and he's thirteen now. (He yells at us in Korean sometimes but we just say intelligent poodle words back to him to confuse him.) We've heard Mom and Dad say something like, "he wasn't properly socialized." We think he's just jealous because he used to be the only fur-baby in the family until we came along. He's mean as dog-doody. You could live with us for a year and he still wouldn't let you touch him.

Ippuni, which means "cute" in Korean (and I guess he is cute if you like that sort of . . . dog), thinks he is a policeman. He enforces the "no running" rule in our house. If our two-legged siblings run, or even walk too fast, whoa! He nips at their feet. If anyone comes in the house, he barks non-stop and growls until they run in fear. He's mean as dog-doody. But, we decided long ago that we're not afraid of him. Well, not too much anyway.

Remy's favorite game is "Whack-a-Maltese." He waits until Ippuni's back is turned and then he runs up from behind and bites Ippuni's tail. Then the fun is on! Ippuni whirls around and runs growling at Remy, trying to bite his feet! Remy does some high stepping, let me tell you! Finally, Ippuni walks away only to have Remy strike again! I just stand by and bark loudly just to lend Remy some support. Mom or Dad usually stops the game saying we're being mean to Ippuni. Yeah, right. He's mean as dog-doody.

Since Ippuni is a part of our family, I do have to say that he does have his sweet moments. He likes to lick my face when I'm sleeping, although I often think it's not being sweet but instead trying to show that he's the boss and can do as he pleases. He also likes to curl up next to Remy while he's sleeping. I not so sure he's being sweet then either because Remy gets a funny look on his face and I can tell he's terrified to move for fear of being bitten! Remy s-l-o-w-l-y moves and finds another place to sleep. I think I see Ippuni smile.

Of course, little Ippuni is a suck-up to Mom and Dad. He especially protects Mom. In fact, sometimes he will enforce an imaginary force-field around Mom and if we try to get close, he attacks. Or, he guards the door of the room Mom is in. It's really annoying. Mom has to tell him to stop.

Ippuni has a thing about Aubree's hamster, Teddy. He wants to eat him. Okay, so do we. But we're better at hiding it. Here's Ippuni watching Teddy. He's probably trying to police him and make him stop running on his wheel!

That's the scoop on Ippuni. He's unique. He's small. He's cute. Did we mention he's mean as dog-doody?

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Rainy Day in Georgia

Today was a rainy, icky day. But Mom was happy because she said we really need the rain here in Georgia. We didn't get to go outside very much. It was one of those restful days. Even Mom took a nap. And guess what we did?

We sneaked on Mom and Dad's bed!!

Mom had just brushed us so I don't see what the big deal was! She said she wasn't too happy about it but she also couldn't resist how cute we were and how our tails wagged when we saw her! I whispered to Luc, "Just act like we didn't do anything--don't give
her that sad face you do so well." He did okay--he just did his goofy face. Oh yeah, that's his normal look. heh-heh.

Guess who was being all good and sleeping on the floor?? Yep, the little white fluff-ball. I think he's the one who told on us.

We'll get you old man . . . .

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Here Comes Luc-ee Claus, Here Comes Remy Claus . . .

Today Dad brought down big boxes from the attic. Mom started opening them and . . . Christmas is here! We're so excited! We remember Christmas from last year when we were just one-year-old babies. Mom and Dad brought a tree in the house, and then put lights and all kinds of little chewy toys all over it! Remy ate the most awesome little reindeer last year. And then they put a gate around the tree.

Anyway, as Mom was getting all the decorations out, Remy and I sniffed around, looking for the chewy toys. Remy found a snowman and tried out.

Then I found our Santa hats! Gosh, I'm good-looking.

Okay, I guess Remy doesn't look so bad himself.

Well, we're off to help finish up the decorations!! I'm going to go look for that yummy looking stuffed Santa Bear I remember from last year. The gate's not up yet . . .

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our fur-friends and people-friends! Did you eat too much? We did.

This is us arguing over the best spot on the couch--the one where you can lay your head on the side and still look out the window and see the squirrels.

We were both so full that I couldn't even argue too much. I just let Luc have the spot. Whatever.

After all, it's Thanksgiving and I'm thankful for Luc. Okay, okay, and Ippuni. And, no one has a better tail to bite . . . heh heh.

Darn! He heard me coming! See how he has it down now? Usually his tail is just a-wavin' right in my face.

Oh well, I'm too full to play "Whack-a-Maltese" tonight anyway. We'll save that for another day.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Bobbing for Frogs

Shhhh, it's kind of late but I just had to share this with you. I got in trouble tonight but I think it was worth it.

Remy and I were outside and since no one was watching, I did one of my favorite things--frog bobbing. For some reason (I guess frogs are just not as smart as poodles) frogs like to jump in our pool. Then they can't get out and they blow up like big ole frog balloons--really cool. Anyway, it was my lucky night because I caught one!!

Just as I got him in my mouth, Dad called us in. Yikes! Sooooo, I strolled in like I owned the place . . . but REMY kept staring at me. Dad said, "Luc, what do you have in your mouth? A string?" He pulled on the string (a frog leg!) and out popped a frog! "EEWWWWW!" said Dad. "Oh my gosh!" said Mom. Aubree screamed. Patrick and Tyler laughed . . . and so did Remy.

Can you see my wet mouth and snout? Remy says that's how they knew I had done something (besides the dang frog leg escaping my mouth) but I think he had something to do with it. He's just jealous. He's not good at frog bobbing at all.

Needless to say, I barely got to play frog torture. And what's worse is Dad said I should be ashamed of myself. He said other dogs do that sort of things but not a POODLE. I showed the proper respect but secretly I was thinking of my next frog bobbing episode.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Driving Mr. Remy

Well, Tyler got his driver's license today. We ran straight away to his car when he got home just knowing he was going to take us to the lake, the park and then to get ice cream! Okay, not ice cream. Guess what? He didn't. He drove straight down the street to see his friends. Whatever.

We decided driving looked pretty easy so we went into the garage and jumped in Mom's car to take it for a spin. Mini Melts, here we come!!

Luc thought we should check to make sure we had enough gas. I was just ready to go! I was also ready to rock out to some tunes--with any luck they would be playing that barking Jingle Bells song! Luc was trying to figure out how to open the sun roof.

Okay, let's go!

Umm, we didn't get out of the garage before we heard Mom coming . . . oh, dog doody!

We got scolded.

I'm guessing that ended our driving careers. I don't know though, if Luc hadn't been so busy checking the gas, working the sun roof, la-dee-da . . . maybe we would have made it to Mini Melts.

Well, Patick gets home tonight and we still have to celebrate his birthday. Maybe some ice cream will drop on the floor. We can only hope.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Relaxing Sunday . . . chewing ice

Hey! It's me, Remy. I was just having a nice, relaxing Sunday doing some light reading about the Industrial Revolution. No, really I was helping Tyler with a school project. I do look good in glasses though, don't I?

And, while I was helping Tyler, look what Luc was doing. Yep, he got in the trash again! See his "uh oh, I'm in trouble" face? He has a thing about ripping up papers. I call him "the shredder." He hates that.

We really have had a pretty laid back day. We helped Dad clean leaves out of the pool . . . I tried to push Luc in again like I did last year when the water got cold but I think he was on to me. Last year we were racing around the yard like we always do and right when we rounded the corner of the pool--whomp! I did a little hip shove and he landed right in the pool! Dude, it was funny! He was so surprised he swam to the side and hung on for dear life--I guess he forgot about the STEPS, duh. Dad had to pull him out.

Anyway, after we helped Dad today I was pretty tired and thirsty so I went over to the fridge and got some ice.

I love ice! Mom usually puts the lock button on so I can't work the levers because I've been known to make a big ice and water mess on the floor. She gives me ice alot though, so I can't complain!

Today is my oldest two-legged brother's birthday--he's 19! We'll celebrate in a day or two 'cause he's at GSU right now--go Eagles!

I hope all you other dogs are having a relaxing Sunday with your families.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yip-pee! Welcome to our poodle blog! I'm Luc Marcel and my brother is Remy Sebastian. Mom said I could write the first blog since I'm more intelligent than Remy (well, I said that part) and he can be very, very silly. We decided to blog about ourselves because . . . well, because we're POODLES, the finest, most gorgeous of all humans. Okay, okay . . . dogs.

I'm the cream-colored hunk of a man-poodle (I weigh in at 73 pounds of pure muscle) and Remy is the scrawny-looking apricot man-poo who only weighs 64 pounds of pure goofiness. I don't really mean to be nasty--I do love Remy since he is my poo-bro and all . . . he's just not quite as--ahem--"cultured" as I am.

Remy and I were born on March 22, 2005 to Archie and Samantha. Our dad is tall and thin and our mom is short and stocky. As you can see, Remy takes after our dad and I take after both mom and dad—tall and hunky. There were seven of us born that day—six boys and a girl. We see a few of our brothers around town and are often mistaken for each other. It’s a ball when we all get together, let me tell you!

We also have a little fur-brother, Ippuni. He’s thirteen years old and he’s a little white fluff-ball called a Maltese (whatever that is). He’s mean as dog doody. He thinks he’s the police. We’ll talk more about him as time goes on. Suffice it to say he’s bad to the bone.

Our family is the best! Mom is so sweet and loving—she’s always kissing on us and treating us like babies. I tolerate all that huggy stuff. Remy sucks up big time—sloppy wet kisses all over the place. (Little does Mom know, he eats Ippuni’s dog doody—now please tell me how a poodle could do such a thing! I mean I can see a Maltese or some other dog doing that—but a poodle! Mon dieu!) Our dad is so cool—knows where to rub in just the right spots. Then there are our two-legged siblings: Patrick who is in college so we don’t see him as much, but love him to death; Tyler who is in high school and brings lots of cool friends over to play with us; and Aubree who is eleven-years-old and loves to run around the house playing chase. They’re all awesome!

Okay, Mom says it’s time to wrap it up. She just wanted me to introduce us today. The real fun starts tomorrow! Toodles!