Thursday, August 21, 2008

Goofy Remy

We played hard today. We ran around the yard and played with our two-legged sister. She's fun! Later, we were hanging out in Mom and Dad's room and Remy decided to be goofy. Well, I don't think he decided, I think he was just born goofy.

Hey Luc, you wanna play again?

How about hide and seek this time???

What? Oh my dog, you're crazy Remy! (See me trying not to smile?)

No thanks, Remy, I'm resting with Aubree.

Remy fell asleep chewing his toy. Goofy dog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Napping with Dad

Dad was really busy today. He got tired so he decided to take a little nap. Luc and I LOVE naps! So, when Dad left the bedroom door open a tiny bit, I decided that was an invitation for me to nap with him!

See how I shared part of the bed with Dad?

I was soooo comfy . . . just me and Dad, takin' a nap . . .

I was out like a light!

But as you can see, Mom caught me. She said, "Remy, you know you're not supposed to be on the bed!" What?? I most definitely AM supposed to be on the bed--I'm a poodle, after all. She must have missed that part of the poodle handbook.

Poodles are the super models of dogs (no disrespect to you other lovely dogs--I'm just stating the facts) and we need our beauty sleep on a comfy bed!

Gee whiz, Mom. Get with the poodle program, would you?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good-bye Teddy

Today is a sad day. Teddy, the hamster, died today. He was a good friend. Well, for our two-legged sister. Not so much for us. We sort of wanted to taste him. He was cute though, huh?

Our two-legged siblings go back to school tomorrow. Mom says we should have more time to blog. So, we'll be seeing you!

Friday, August 1, 2008


We're babysitting for a puppy. His name is Dale. He's our two-legged brother's friend's dog. He is a six-month old chocolate lab. He's cute and sort of fun . . . and sort of annoying. Mom says we used to be crazy like him when we were puppies. We're not sure we believe that.

Remy hasn't been as welcoming as he should be, Mom says. (He bites his ears.) Ippuni has also forgotten his manners with Dale. I am the only one watching my poodle manners, of course. Wouldn't you have guessed that?

Did I mention he's a BIG puppy?

With a BIG tongue?

I told him we were putting him on our blog. He said, " Huh?? Blog? What's dat?"

Here's his happy face after we told him. He wanted a close-up on the blog.

Okay, see you guys later. We're tired. This puppy sitting is hard work.