Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday I was sitting next to Mom while she was working on the computer and guess what I saw?? A gecko was on the window!! He was between the screen and the glass. Mom said he didn't know how to get out. I decided I could help with that.

Remy wasn't quite as interested in helping--he was mostly watching me do all the work. Even Ippuni was helping me bark at him! Then Mom decided I was scaring the "poor little guy" to death so she made us leave the room. He eventually found his way out.

We looked for him outside but he was long gone. I guess maybe his friend picked him up in that little red sports car they drive. Darn.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

We tried not to laugh . . .

The funniest thing happened yesterday. Ippuni was walking outside and Luc and I saw a squirrel we wanted to chase. We had to hurry so we flew by Ippuni only to knock him right into the pool!! Luckily, Mom was outside and rescued Ippuni.

Mom said we needed to be more careful of our little brother. Well, okay.

We came inside and while Mom was drying Ippuni off, we went over to sit quietly on the couch.

Quietly, yeah right! We laughed our heads off!!!

By the way, we want to say a big hello to our friend, Therese, in Florida! Thanks for reading our blog!

note from Mom: I had to scan this picture so it's a little small--hope you can see it.